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Kaap's Old World Chocolates

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Kaap's Old World Chocolates Kaap's Old World Chocolates

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Kaap's Old World Chocolates

Bagged Candy from Kaap's Old World Chocolates

Please enjoy the following Bagged Candies from Kaap's

Assorted Jordan Almonds

Plump, full almonds encased in hard candy shells. A classic Confection that will never go out of style. You'll love our Assorted Jordan Almonds!

Boston Baked Beans

We�ve covered peanuts with hard candy shells to provide a sugary prelude to their salty tang.

Chocolate Dutch Mints

Subtle mint and chocolate combined in a seamless blend of flavors. Addictive is the only word for them.

French Peanuts

Lumpy, bumpy, crispy candy covering crunchy peanuts. No two look alike, but they all taste great. You'll love our French Peanuts!

Fruit Sours

Five fruit flavors infused with a strong sour bite. Theyâ??ll bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. You'll love our fruit sours!


Even though itâ??s slightly smaller, it packs no less of a fruitful punch, with the same otherworldly hardness.

Jawbreakers - Giant

Out-of-this-world flavor that lasts for a really long time put these light years ahead of other jawbreakers.

Kookaburra Australian Black Licorice

Kookaburra Australian Black Licorice Soft eating and delicious. One taste and you will understand why licorice has been popular for literally thousands of years. Our Kookaburra Australian Black Licorice is like no other!

Kookaburra Australian Strawberry Licorice

Kookaburra Australian Strawberry Licorice Soft eating and delicious. One taste and you will understand why licorice has been popular for literally thousands of years. Our Kookaburra Australian Strawberry Licorice tastes like "real" strawberries, is like no other!

Lemon Drops

A children's favorite, bursting with tangy lemon flavor. Discover them for the first time or get hooked again.

Licorice Bridge Mix

A licorice lovers dream: your favorite confection in a variety of forms. Candy coated, hard-shelled and more, it's a small bag of paradise!

Raspberries & Blackberries

One of our most loved treats. Candy seeds coating fruity gels in a delightful blend of crunchy and chewy! Taste like the real thing. You'll love our Raspberries & Blackberries!

Strawberries & Blueberries

Our tasty, crunchy candy covers Strawberry and Blueberry gels. Tastes like real fruit. A sweet twist on fruit bowl favorites! You'll love our Strawberries & Blueberries!

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