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Kaap's Old World Chocolates

Sugar-free Candy from Kaap's Old World Chocolates

Please enjoy the following Sugar-free Candy from Kaap's

Assortment of Sugar Free Chocolates

If you have to watch your sugar and salt intake you no longer have to settle for less! The most delicious, flavorful assortment of Absolutely Sugar Free, Low Sodium, Low Carb chocolates unique in texture and flavor. You won't believe your tastebuds when you savor this assortment of creamy, nutty and chewy delectables, So close to the real thing, you'll think you're cheating. What more could you ask for?

Butter Toffee - Sugar Free

Sugar Free Toffee lovers rejoice! Indulge in the crunchiest pure sugar free butter toffee you'll ever taste! Dipped in delicious milk or dark chocolate. It's so addictive! A favorite year after year, fresh, buttery and crunchy!

Chocolate Covered Cashews - Sugar Free

Freshly roasted and salted premium cashews dipped in delicious sugar free milk or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Marshmallow - Sugar Free

A light, puffy Sugar Free Chocolate Marshmallow. Tastes so much like the real thing you'll never know they are Sugar Free!

Coconut Clusters - Sugar Free

Our lightly sweetened Sugar Free Toasted Shredded Coconut, golden brown and crunchy, is dipped in delicious milk or dark chocolate. A Sugar Free favorite!

Cordial Cherries - Sugar Free

These Sugar Free cordial cherries are truly one-of-a-kind! Milk and Dark chocolate surrounds tender cherries to make a treat that's ideal for sharing with the one you love (or eating all by yourself!). Exquisitely wrapped in silver and purple foil.

Creams: Orange Sherbet - Sugar Free

The fresh taste of orange sherbet cream in Sugar Free! You won't believe your taste buds it's so good!

Creams: Raspberry Sherbet - Sugar Free

The refresing taste of delicious Sugar Free Raspberry Sherbet in milk chocolate. You'll think it's summertime all year long!

Creams: Vanilla - Sugar Free

A traditional favorite. Made with Pure Vanilla, only from the finest Gourmet Vanilla Beans, the most expensive kind. Our customers claim that our Sugar Free Vanilla Creams are the best they've tasted!

Fudge Meltaway - Sugar Free

Rich, creamy, Sugar Free Fudge Meltaway. They're so delicious many of our customers buy them by the pound!

Jelly: Orange - Sugar Free

Delicious Sugar Free Orange Jellies. A real favorite!

Jelly: Raspberry - Sugar Free

Delicious Sugar Free Raspberry Jellies in a tasty blend of Sugar Free milk or dark chocolate. A real favorite!

No Sugar Added Chocolate Bridge Mix

Here's your chance to mix it up with No Sugar Added Chocolate Bridge Mix! This delicious combination includes a variety of freshest, sweetest Raisins, Extra Large Virginia Peanuts, Extra Large Fancy Cashews and Mammoth Pecans covered in No Sugar Added chocolate make up this No Sugar Added Chocolate Bridge Mix. An excellent addition to any party or gathering!

No Sugar Added Chocolate Raisins

We take the largest sun-kissed raisins we can get and generously coat them with our No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate to create a taste exprience you'll want again and again and again!

Peanut Clusters - Sugar Free

Crunchy peanuts, all smothered in smooth milk chocolate, and totally sugar free! A favorite!

Pecan Caramel Patty - Sugar Free

Tasty and healthy pecans contain the most antioxidant capacity of any other nut. Freshly roasted and salted and smothered with oceans of chewy caramel and drenched in our own special blend of European milk and dark chocolate to lock in the freshness.

Peppermint Patties - Sugar Free

Delicious Sugar Peppermint Patties smothered in dark chocolate. Tastes like the real thing!

Raisin Clusters - Sugar Free

Sweet raisins drenched in Sugar Free Milk Chocolate! A taste you'll want to enjoy again, and again amd again!

Reduced Sugar Malt Balls

Here's a Reduced Sugar Malt Balls you'll love, it's so delicious! Extra large and double dipped in everyone's favorite Reduced Sugar milk chocolate!

Truffles: Mint - Sugar Free

Cool mint dreched in sugar free milk chocolate. Our Mint Sygar Free Truffles are a great afternoon pick-me-up.

Truffles: Orange - Sugar Free

Refreshing sugar Free Orange Truffles dreched in sugar free milk chocolate. A great afternoon pick-me-up.

Truffles: Peanut - Sugar Free

Smooth peanut butter dreanched in creamy milk chocolate. Our Delicious Sugar Free Peanut Truffles are mmm delicious!

Vanilla Caramel - Sugar Free

Only premium ingredients goe into these Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels. Soft, chewy and delicious. Our customers claim that our Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels are the best they've tasted!

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